How I got a full scholarship to study in Canada.

My name is Bankole Ayomide. I am a Nigerian and a foreign student in Canada. Fortunately, I was able to convince my parents to study in Canada, though that was not easy at all. Despite the fact that I’m aware of how expensive studying in Canada is, especially as a foreign student, I could not help it. So I got hit with the idea of applying for a scholarship because that was the only option to make it up with my dream.

Inquisitively, I began to make research on how to get a full scholarship to study abroad, especially in my dream place, Canada. All thanks to the internet, I was able to gather some pieces of information about a lot of institutions, charitable organizations and so on that does what I’m looking for to help ambitious students like me. So before I could consider applying, I checked the requirements to know the most suitable one to apply for.

Eventually, I was able to get the most suitable one for myself. It happens to be an international brand hosted scholarship competition specifically for Nigerian students. I felt so fortunate to have been informed about this great opportunity in the first place because I regard it as a great blessing to my cause. So at this point, I knew the race to success has just begun, but two things kept hitting me up.

  1. How I am going to study very hard and apply accordingly, to win the scholarship.
  2. And how I am going to stand out among other applicants to increase my chance of winning.

Although, negative thought also came through during preparation. My mind would say to me that I should not bother myself, that it’s not going to work for me because getting a scholarship is hard and only a few people get it among thousands of applicants. I actually made sure that this thought doesn’t weigh me down, so I headed up aiming at my goal. It was a very hard situation for me to even think of losing because I knew my parent cannot afford to pay a huge amount for studying in Canada.

Very few days to the examination, I started studying for like 14-16 hours every day like exactly the way I want it hard. I am to participate in my favorite subject which is English language contest and General studies. I put so much in this including my uniqueness, to the extent that if anybody will have to win over me, it’s still going to be myself.

Finally came the day, I did the exam, and not quite long, the result came out and I performed excellently. At this very point, everything now seems to be very easy for me. I felt so overwhelmed with joy because I considered it as a lifetime achievement. So that was how I got my first full scholarship worth $20,000 to study in Canada.

Conclusively, It was a very hard task for me but I did it. You can too, even better.

How difficult or easy to apply for a scholarship.

There are different kinds of scholarships for all students in the world. It’s either you get those meant for university undergraduates and postgraduates or you get those that are specifically for some course of study. And also some are specific to students in countries like African students, Asian students, European students and so on. Every country has its own scholarship basically designed for only students within its nationality.

Getting a scholarship to study in European Universities, there is a mobile app called GrantFairy App. This mobile application matches students with thousands of scholarships and bursaries to help pay university tuition fees and living expenses. Some people regard this awesome app as just a search engine, however, there is actually more to it. GrantFairy is endowed with a feature that shows European universities and colleges, each with its own profile page, which assist users to decide where and what they want to study before they can start thinking about the actual scholarship.

In this app, the scholarship also has its own complete profile page with links to the application. So far the user has applied, GrantFairy assists to keep track of the application of such a user. So GrantFairy is a very wonderful app to reckon with.

One of the most important thing when applying for scholarship is to be conscious of the eligibility guidelines, and also to supply the sponsors with the information they need. Don’t forget to always get the instructions cleared to you before answering the questions and make sure you apply before the time limit.

In Africa, students get pieces of information about the scholarship from a different medium like social media, news blogs, newspapers, radio/television station and so on. There are so many charitable organizations that put up advertisements about free scholarships on all those mediums which is made accessible to everyone interested. There are also some international funded scholarships for African students. FulBright is a very nice example in this regard.

FulBright Scholarship program basically helps to improve intercultural relations, diplomacy, and competence between the Americans and other countries via the exchange of knowledge, skills, and person. It is one of the most competitive scholarship programs in the world. This awesome program operates in more than 160 countries worldwide. Approximately 4,000 foreign students receive FulBright scholarships each year, in which African students are not left out. You can find out more about FulBright here.

In a nutshell, scholarships are not too difficult to find these days as the internet has made all information easily accessible. What you need really is a plan of action. First make a criteria of what you want to apply for, any particular locations as preference, and then begin a search of relevant options. And the fact remains that most scholarships go unallocated every year due to lack of applications and you are every bit as worthy as the next person. So go for it!

The major Quality you have to possess while applying for a scholarship.


As it is obvious that scholarship is a competition that anyone can partake so far the eligibility criteria are met. Winning a scholarship is not really about being rich, being affluential or even being known as the most brilliant student in school or institution. It is simply about knowing how to apply in a very unique manner.

In my last post – “Basic knowledge about scholarship”. I made a point that making yourself stand out among other applicants is the number one factor that has to be considered while applying for a scholarship. You should know that you are not the only one applying for that same scholarship. So what’s the point of proving rich, and brilliant, when you have your co-applicants that possess that same quality like you or even more than you do. Therefore, applying in a very unique way is the solution to getting a scholarship.

How do you stand out among other applicants?

In this regard, the following few steps are to be taken when applying for a scholarship.

  1. Discover what most applicants will write about. I mean, the most common content they will make use of.
  2. Adopt different contents. Write in a different sense and that’s all.

Be smart enough to always put yourself in the shoes of the readers/scorers/judges, because these people will actually come across so many applications and the fact remains that almost everybody will write exactly the same. And if you also fall in the category of similar content, I bet you won’t be noticed at all. You can be very noticed if you draw their attention by beating up their expectations positively.

How can you beat their expectations?

For example, you are given an essay to write about. Think deeply about what topic most of your colleagues will write about and dive in straight to something different that will actually blow their minds. Mind you, while writing to stand out, don’t write out of line of what is expected from you. And you should not make your answers to be offensive and inappropriate while trying to be unique.

Other things you should consider are:

  1. Proofread: Make sure you get like two to three people who can help you go through it and access it from their own perspective after you must have gotten through it yourself. It is called a proofread.
  2. Know what you have written about: Attending an interview might be required in the process of applying for the scholarship. So you have to be prepared and not turn that uniqueness you are trying to prove to stupidity.

Basic Knowledge About Scholarship.

What is a Scholarship?

A scholarship is a grant-in-aid given to students. Scholarships are granted based on some qualities, which usually reflect the purposes of the founder of the award. Scholarship money can not be refunded. It can also be regarded as an award given base on academic merit. Scholar is really a wonderful weapon to assist students in achieving their goals academically. Scholarship in major sense is awarded to relieve students and their parents or guardians a concrete aspect of the giant financial commitment of further education. So many organizations (especially NGOs) and important personnel offer scholarships to students in primary, secondary schools and even higher institutions.

Mostly, scholarship money is granted in the student?s name and paid to them directly. So, the school is then paid by the student for the inconsistency on any money due to the expenses. It may be fully funded or partially funded which means they might cover all the cost or just a fraction of it. Scholarships make provision for those expenses associated with higher studying from lab fees to handouts/textbooks, accommodation, transportation, tuition and more.

Obligations of applicants and rules are usually attached to some scholarship, whereby it can be stopped due to non-compliance with the laid down rules or principles. Students fall in his/her academic performance might end up losing the scholarship. Or maybe there is a form of cheats, illegalities or spending the provided money inappropriately, all this act mentioned might lead to the halt of a given scholarship.

Why is a scholarship important?

Scholarship is very important because it helps in the race of achieving higher Education with less stress. Scholarship can especially be seen as a blessing to the less privileged so far the eligibility criteria are met. Scholarships amount to a great opportunity to shut the gap between your higher academic projects and other huge fees in school.

It can also lead to some other great opportunities. Several grantees of scholarships end up forming lasting interactive beneficial relationships with their benefactors like government, NGOs, institutions, charity organizations, and so on. These are connections that might not have taken place if not for the opportunity.

How do you get a scholarship?

Make yourself stand out from other applicants: So many people/students must have applied for that same scholarship you want, it really important for you to just stand out among others. This is not just a word of mouth, you have to demonstrate a real commitment to bettering yourself as an individual. This means you should go for extra curriculum activities to show off to scholarship providers, demonstrating your passions and interests, that is, unique qualities that probably can not be found in other applicants.

Read application instruction very carefully: So many applicants do not pay much attention to this due to negligence and overconfidence. Always make sure to read the application guidance carefully and repeatedly, so you?re less likely to miss anything, and email the provider if you need clarification on anything.

Work hard and keep motivated: It goes without saying that you should be working hard in your studies, but you?ll need to really put in the effort if you want to get that scholarship, as the majority are awarded to the highest-achieving students.

Always prepare in advance: Preparation gives you an edge to be ahead of others every time.

Stay real and focus.