Disney Scholarships

Disney is known for many things; amongst them are Disney scholarships.

The company that Walt Disney built decades ago had revolutionised the film and animation industry in more ways than one. It has given us generations upon generation of timeless cartoons and movies that have basically defined almost everyone’s childhood.

But the influence of the Disney Company does not end there. They have reached out to help impoverished students who are incapable of pursuing their dreams because of financial constraints. The Walt Disney scholarships are ways for the company to continue to effect
change in the lives of others outside the animation studio and the big screen.
What exactly is the Disney scholarship program?

This scholarship program is basically financial assistance given to deserving students who have proven themselves worthy of the handful of college student scholarships handed out by the company every year.

The college grants cover the applicant’s entire four-year college program with regular allowances and bonuses involved. The company usually screens applicants every end of the school year. They hand out scholarships by major schools to high school students who meet the company’s standards. Although they assign scholarships by university, students who have won such prize have the freedom to choose whatever course, school and state he or she wants to study in.

The Disney scholarships are not meant to lure only the brightest and smartest students. It is also aimed at students who have the potential and desire to give back to their communities in the long run. A 3.0 grade point average (GPA) is needed for students to qualify. Together with this, the student must have had some involvement in his/her community. A minimum of 100 hours volunteer work is required for students to qualify for this grant.

To renew the grant, the student must submit the required paperwork that the company asks for after every school year. The student should also agree to maintain a certain academic standard that the company deems adequate in order to renew their student scholarships.

Different Types of Disney Scholarships

Disney offers a variety of scholarships aimed for different students every year. Here are the three types of scholarships handed out by Disney:

- Disneyland Resort Scholarship Program

For almost five years now, the Disneyland Resort Scholarship Program has been helping deserving students pursue their degrees. Since 2006, it has dished out more the $250,000 in academic aid to financially incapable students.

The program chooses 10 high school seniors every year and gives them $5000 grants to pay for their college education. The company makes it clear that this is not a type of loan that the company hands out, but rather grants to help students pay for their tuitions.

Aside from maintaining a 3.0 GPA, the company requires applicants to volunteer in their communities and document them for submission. These are exclusive grants and scholarships by state applicable only to those who reside in California.

- The Junior Achievement Walt Disney Foundation Scholarship

This one is more inclusive. The Junior Achievement Walt Disney Foundation Scholarship covers full year tuition fees of its scholars with an additional $200 for miscellaneous and incidental costs.  The scholarship can be renewed up to four years provided that the student maintains good academic standing throughout.

The applicant for this must also be enrolled in courses concerning business administration or fine arts. Students are given the freedom to choose any university or college to their liking. Everyone is free to apply for this scholarship no matter what ethnicity they may be, which makes it similar to other minority scholarships available. It has already been granted to several Asians and Hispanics who have excelled in their schools and the Junior Achievement programs.

- Disney Employee Program

These Disney scholarships can be granted to the children of eligible Disney employees. The program grants employees a cash stipend worth $20,000 to help fund their children’s college education. Students who qualify for this grant must have a parent or parents that are full-time Disney employees.

For employees to qualify, they must have regularly worked for the company for at least a year. The scholarships are granted based on certain criteria like academic achievement and extra-curricular activities. These grants can be used as scholarships for women in engineering or other fields like economics and the humanities.

Furthermore, students who qualify for the grant must maintain good academic standings if they are to renew their scholarships. Those who are interested can consult with their parents employed in Disney or with their parents’ managers and supervisors.

Helping Students build their future

The Disney scholarships are ways for the company to promote a sense of community in their areas as well as helping students achieve their dreams by providing for their college education.  The company has done a lot of right things over the years. Decades and decades of animated motion pictures that we have all come to love may be its major product but these scholarships prove to be another product that will influence many people in the long run.


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