Essay Writing Scholarships

If you have top notch writing skills or simply have the knack in essay writing, you will certainly benefit from Essay Writing Scholarships.

Scholarship essay contests held annually provide full college education to the winning contestants. These essay scholarships are awarded in different fields of studies depending on the scholarship provider. Some scholarships are given as one-time reward for certain essay writing contest while others require additional requirements such as above average academic rating or financial need. Regardless of the qualifications, essay writing scholarships are a great source of funding for your college education.

Just like any other scholarship programs, scholars have to go through a stringent scholarship application process. You need to complete the scholarship application, compile necessary documents and send your application packet to the sponsoring organization. It is important that you complete the application requirement well ahead of deadline to give time for clarifications should there be.

Time is a key component in this scholarship program; hence, when applying for essay writing scholarships you want to give yourself enough time to write effectively. Read the instructions carefully and follow the every step of the writing process. For a winning piece, you need to bring harmony to every detail of the essay, from introduction down to conclusion. If you eagerly want to win this scholarship, you need to pour your heart into your masterpiece.

Always remember that there are over hundreds of students vying for this scholarship. Perhaps, a 30-minute essay would not meet the standards of scholarship judges. Take your time when completing the essay. It does not matter whether your essay undergoes tons of revisions.

If contest permits, feedbacks from others may be helpful in refining your essay. Get as many comments as possible, from peers, family or instructors, as well. The more reader comments you have, the better your output will be. Insights from your peers also help improve the content, flow and style of your essay. Be ready for some negative feedbacks as these are expected. Some essay writing scholarship applicants even start writing a new entry after getting several feedbacks.

Increase your chances of earning college scholarships by applying with different scholarship programs. Here are several essay writing scholarships available for you.

Americanism Essay Contest

This annual essay writing contest is sponsored by the FRA National Committee on American-Patriotism. Every year, the organization awards a total of $10,000 worth of educational grant to its top three contestants. First, second and third runner-ups receive Savings Bond of $5,000, $3,000 and $2,000, respectively. All students in grades 7 to 12 are eligible to participate in the American Essay Contest; however, entrants must have sponsorship from a FRA member in any of its chartered branch or unit. Application deadline is set every 1st of December.

George Watt Memorial Essay Contest

Sponsored by the Abraham Lincoln Archives (ALBA), this annual competition is open for both graduate and undergraduate students from any college or university in the US. This scholarship program invites applicants to submit an essay about the Spanish Civil War or the socio-political struggles against fascism of the 1920’s. The organization awards two scholarships, one for the undergraduate and another for the graduate category, worth $500 each. Winners are judged based on the presentation, uniqueness, quality of content, and effectiveness to deliver idea or concept. Submission of entries is scheduled every 1st of June.

IAMPO Scholarship Essay Contest

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials hosts this annual essay writing contest dedicated in making the planet a healthier and better place for humans. This essay writing scholarship is open to members and their children currently studying in high school, community college or trade school. Organizers usually have different topics every year hence you need to contact IAMPO through its website for scholarship details. Application deadline is every 1st of June.

American Justice Essay Scholarship

Open to all graduating high school students in Washington State, this annual competition is part of the Washington State Association for Justice’s (WSAJ) advocacy to promote awareness and understanding of the importance of civil justice system in the country. This essay writing contest awards three scholarships worth $1,000 to $3,000. Qualified applicants must submit entry on or before 18th of March.

Growing Up Asian in America Art & Essay Contest

The largest celebration of Asian Heritage in the US, this essay writing competition awards no less than $27,000 worth of bond awards and prizes. This contest is funded by Growing Up Asian and opens in January every year. However, this essay writing scholarship is exclusive for grades K-12 students in Bay-Area.

You will not normally find such financial aids when searching scholarships by type. In fact, it’s uncommon for students to know that such contests do exist. There are also one-time essay writing scholarships that private organizations sponsor at random. Students with special needs can also try unique scholarships such as the ADHD scholarship meant for people suffering from this condition. The internet is a rich source of information for unusual educational grants and financial aids. Seize every opportunity you have by applying with as many scholarship programs as possible.


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