Hrsa Nursing Scholarship

The US government recognizes the need to increase the number of nurses produced each year, so the HRSA nursing scholarship has been made available. This program, offered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, aims to address the projected shortage of nurses. Increasing the number of scholarships for nurses is one of the strategies implemented to promote the healthcare system.

Nursing schools are also creating valuable partnerships with government and concerned private organizations to help boost the number of enrollees. It is hoped that the programs will help fill the gap between the number of nurses and patients.

What is the HRSA Nursing Scholarship?

The HRSA Nursing Scholarship is the leading scholarship program for prospective nurses in the United States. Every year the program graduates no less than 500 nurses. Graduates will then work for two years at a health facility or health center where there is a serious shortage of nurses. The Health Resources and Services Administration pay for the student’s tuition and other expenses such as books, laboratory fees and clinical supplies. A monthly stipend is also given to HRSA scholars. In exchange, the student agrees to work for the HRSA for a minimum of two years within the United States.

Graduates of HRSA Nursing Scholarship can render their NSP service at the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Territory of Guam, the Republic of Palau, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, the Territory of American Samoa or the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, where the critical shortage of nurses is highly evident.
What are the benefits of this scholarship program?

As mentioned earlier, the HRSA Nursing Scholarship offers several benefits to its scholars.

1. Scholarship

NSP covers all school fees including tuition, laboratory fees and clinical supplies.

2. Stipend

Unlike other nursing grants and scholarships, the NSP offers monthly stipend to all its scholars amounting to at least $1,326. The generous amount of money can help students in their daily expenses.

3. Service

The program provides an opportunity for nurses to work for underserved communities. Graduates are also given the chance to experience the diverse healthcare system. They are also well compensated, with the competitive salary base plus a myriad of benefits offered by the employing health facility.

Who is eligible for this Scholarship Program?

Students currently enrolled full-time in an affiliated, undergraduate nursing program are eligible for this financial aid. Students with the most financial need are given most priority. Below are the qualifications the student must possess to qualify for this scholarship program.

1. Currently enrolled and studying as a full time student in a registered nurse program such as a diploma course, an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree or a graduate program. Check with your college or university if they are accredited in the HRSA Nursing Scholarship program.

2. US citizens (either by birth or naturalization) or citizenship acquired through the immigration process.

3. Must not have outstanding Federal judgment liens.

4. Must be free of Federal debt.

Interested applicants are required to present documents that will prove their qualification for this program. The financial status of applicants is also considered by the selection board.

How are scholars chosen?

In the past academic year, 458 applicants qualified for the HRSA Nursing Scholarship program. Students who have the most financial need are usually prioritized. A selection committee evaluates all applications based on the set qualifications. Generally, successful applicants demonstrate zero Expected Family Contribution in their Student Aid Report in the Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA). The number of scholarships awarded in an academic year depends on the availability of funds. All applicants who pass the selection process are informed through email. Usually, acceptance letters are sent out during the first week of July. Applicants who do not qualify for this program can expect to receive a letter before the end of September.

When should applications be submitted?

The HRSA Nursing Scholarship accepts applications annually, starting March until May. Make sure that you submit your application and supporting documents before the given deadline. You also have to read the Application & Program Guidance before sending your application. Incomplete or illegible application packages will forfeit the chance for a scholarship. Inaccurate information can adversely affect the applicant’s ranking.

Whether you apply online or through email, it is highly recommended that you double check the contents of the application before finally sending it. Give yourself ample time to complete all required documents.

How to apply

Applying for the HRSA Nursing Scholarship follows a three-step procedure:

1. Complete the Online NSP application form.

2. Submit the all Supporting Documents and Supplemental Forms as listed in the Application & Program Guidance.

3. Submit a duly notarized copy of the Agreement for Power-of-Attorney.

Make sure that you send only one application package. Do not send duplicate copies through mail and fax as this can only delay the processing of your application and result in possible forfeiture. After the online application is completed, you will receive a receipt of submission.

The HRSA Nursing Scholarship application takes four months to be completed. During the wait period, applicants are advised to check their email daily for updates. Awardees are notified through email.


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