Scholarships for Elementary Students

Scholarships for elementary students are available and they make it possible for students to attend schools that may be out of their reach. Certain websites list scholarships for students under the age of thirteen in grades eight and below. They make it possible for parents of younger students to find information they need in funding for their children’s education.

Most scholarships are available for children in private schools and they are mainly offered for academic merit or in order to help children who cannot afford to go to school.
Some junior schools provide scholarships for children who are seven years old and above but the majority of these scholarships for elementary students are available for children aged eleven
years and above.

The individual scholarship scheme of each school differs thus, it is essential to check for specific details from the school concerned. As an illustration, some schools require students to take a special scholarship entrance exam. Other schools on the other hand, incorporate the process of applying for a scholarship into their standard entrance exam and choose children who earn the highest points as scholarship candidates.

Types of Scholarships

Scholarships for school students are usually either overall academic scholarships or separate ones that focus on certain areas of achievement like sports, music, art or drama. Typically, scholarships for elementary students cover between thirty and fifty percent of the yearly school fees, but full tuition academic scholarships are also available.

Sometimes, these scholarships are mean tested, meaning that the amount to be given depends on the parents’ income. Some of the scholarships that are available for students of this age include the BattleBots IQ, Angela Award, Share the Dream Foundation, Christopher Columbus Service Awards, Action for Nature Award and Space Camp amongst many others. 

•  Action for Nature Award – This is the sponsor for the International Young Eco-Hero Award, which recognises children aged eight to sixteen who have completed environmental projects that are focused on environmental health, environmental advocacy and protection or research of the natural world. This scholarship is available even for high school students.

•  The Angela Award on the other hand recognises female students in grades five to eight who are involved with science. This award is open to Canadian and U.S. students.

• The BattleBots IQ scholarship is available to robot-building contest teams of middle school, high school and college students.

•  Christopher Columbus Community Service Award – This is the other type of scholarship for elementary students, which is open to teams of students in grade six to eight. The focus of the competition is in using technology and science to solve community problems in the real world. With the Christopher Columbus Service Awards, teams that are made up of three to four pre-teens and a grownup coach find a problem that is in their community and come up with a detailed way to solve the problem. In this way, students can learn more about the area they live in and the challenges in it. The national finalists visit Walt Disney World, where the judges select 2 winning teams and the winners receive a two thousand dollar savings bond each and an award.

•  Hare the Dream foundation – This is the other place where you can get scholarships for elementary students. This foundation offers awards to students at accredited private and public schools. The awards are based on financial need and academic merit. In order to meet eligibility requirements, a school student has to have received the service of an organisation that has been an active customer for a period of three years or more of community-centred School pop, which is a non-profit group that helps in fundraising efforts. 

Sending Children to Private School

For those parents who would like to send their children to private school or boarding school but do not have enough money, pursuing a scholarship would be a good idea. According to education experts, a child’s educational foundation is established during the child’s early years of education. This is because elementary school students learn the basics or arithmetic, reading and writing in addition to discovering the love for learning. The early years are therefore highly important because it is at this time that a child gains the intellectual, social and emotional confidence that the child will use throughout his/her life. Therefore, parents who are concerned about getting their children into a top college may give them an advantage by sending then to private school.

When it comes to looking for scholarships for elementary students, starting with the schools themselves is the best idea. The schools will be the best source for information related to student loans, scholarships and other types of financial aid. A large number of elementary schools will provide their own scholarships and they should be able to provide parents with a list of outside sources. Another place where parents can search for the scholarship opportunities available is online because many foundations and organisations give scholarships and published them through their websites.


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