Subway Scholarship

Through the years, Subway Scholarship has helped countless number of students finish a college course.  Applying for a scholarship is a way of earning a college degree without the worry of having to pay thousands of debt. Unlike student loans, scholarships offer free money that can fund your education. There are numerous scholarship programs available at different universities and schools, nationwide. Subway Restaurant together with the Center for Scholarship Administration, Inc. (CSA) provides one of the most comprehensive scholarship programs in the US.

Subway is one of the few companies willing to put out some money to help their employees

attain better education. Subway restaurant offers this program to their qualified employees and their dependents. The Subway Restaurant Scholarships aim to help their employees and families have a better life and achieve success. It ensures a fund for your college education. By simply following the application process and meeting the requirements of this program, you can raise some money for your college degree.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Subway scholarship:

1. Who are eligible for Subway Restaurant Scholarship?

All employees and dependents of Subway are qualified for these college grants. There is a minimum working hour requirement of 15 hours per week in a span of six months. For employees who want to apply for their dependents, they must have a minimum of 30 working hours per week. The student who will avail of this scholarship must be in his final years of high school or is currently enrolled as a college freshman. Applicants need to be register as full-time student during the school year. Also, the student should have a GPA of 2.75.

2. Where can I study?

Successful applicants can enrol at any school in the country or even at some international colleges and universities accredited by the Subway Scholarship Program. College degrees can be either a two-year Vocational Program or a four-year Bachelor’s Degree Program. Subway offers a wide range of choices and has even provided law school scholarships for women. Almost every state has its own list of accredited subway colleges and universities; you can easily pick which one offers the college degree you want to pursue. Some students base their choice of school not on the availability of the college degree but rather on its accessibility. This helps them save a lot on their cost of living. Subway Restaurant pays the money directly to the school of your choice semi-annually, one every semester. To continue with the scholarship program, scholars are required to present their grades to the scholarship committee for evaluation and renewal.

3. When to apply?

Scholarship application begins during September and runs until November. Depending on what state you are currently residing or where you wish to study, Subway Scholarship in every state follows different schedules for application. Some may also have a different set of requirements that can be asked from applicants. Once you pass the requirements and meet the qualifications of the scholarship committee, you will receive $1,000 worth of college education grant. As mentioned earlier, some states with Subway restaurants offer up to $3,000 worth of scholarship. Give yourself an ample amount of time to complete the requirements. Read the instructions carefully, compile all required school documents and submit on time.

4. How to apply?

Application for subway scholarship follows a two-part procedure. After filling out the online application form, you will have to send another set of requirements through snail mail. As repeatedly emphasized, read the requirements carefully as it can change or some documents may be added instantly without prior notice. Included in the requirements to be sent through air mail are: high school records or transcript, a personal statement and the terms of agreement form signed by the employee. The personal statement contains your thoughts on the importance of a college education, your experience while working with Subway Restaurants or the importance of college education for you. Some applicants, particularly dependents of subway employees, prefer to explain or state their career path. The Centre for Scholarship Administration will evaluate your qualifications with much consideration on the personal statement. Once your application is approved, you can only receive one scholarship grant.

5. When will the recipients be notified if they are selected?

A Selection Committee evaluates all applications based on the applicants’ scholastic performance and potential to achieve success in the chosen career. Applicants will be notified either through email or snail mail of the results weeks before the schedule of enrolment.  Subway scholarship recipients must then enrol or register with the school of their choice. The scholarship grant will be sent directly to the school you chose. After the semester, students are required to present their report cards to the subway scholarship administrators for evaluation. This scholarship only covers one year of education and is non-renewable.


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