The major Quality you have to possess while applying for a scholarship.


As it is obvious that scholarship is a competition that anyone can partake so far the eligibility criteria are met. Winning a scholarship is not really about being rich, being affluential or even being known as the most brilliant student in school or institution. It is simply about knowing how to apply in a very unique manner.

In my last post – “Basic knowledge about scholarship”. I made a point that making yourself stand out among other applicants is the number one factor that has to be considered while applying for a scholarship. You should know that you are not the only one applying for that same scholarship. So what’s the point of proving rich, and brilliant, when you have your co-applicants that possess that same quality like you or even more than you do. Therefore, applying in a very unique way is the solution to getting a scholarship.

How do you stand out among other applicants?

In this regard, the following few steps are to be taken when applying for a scholarship.

  1. Discover what most applicants will write about. I mean, the most common content they will make use of.
  2. Adopt different contents. Write in a different sense and that’s all.

Be smart enough to always put yourself in the shoes of the readers/scorers/judges, because these people will actually come across so many applications and the fact remains that almost everybody will write exactly the same. And if you also fall in the category of similar content, I bet you won’t be noticed at all. You can be very noticed if you draw their attention by beating up their expectations positively.

How can you beat their expectations?

For example, you are given an essay to write about. Think deeply about what topic most of your colleagues will write about and dive in straight to something different that will actually blow their minds. Mind you, while writing to stand out, don’t write out of line of what is expected from you. And you should not make your answers to be offensive and inappropriate while trying to be unique.

Other things you should consider are:

  1. Proofread: Make sure you get like two to three people who can help you go through it and access it from their own perspective after you must have gotten through it yourself. It is called a proofread.
  2. Know what you have written about: Attending an interview might be required in the process of applying for the scholarship. So you have to be prepared and not turn that uniqueness you are trying to prove to stupidity.

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