How I got a full scholarship to study in Canada.

My name is Bankole Ayomide. I am a Nigerian and a foreign student in Canada. Fortunately, I was able to convince my parents to study in Canada, though that was not easy at all. Despite the fact that I’m aware of how expensive studying in Canada is, especially as a foreign student, I could not help it. So I got hit with the idea of applying for a scholarship because that was the only option to make it up with my dream.

Inquisitively, I began to make research on how to get a full scholarship to study abroad, especially in my dream place, Canada. All thanks to the internet, I was able to gather some pieces of information about a lot of institutions, charitable organizations and so on that does what I’m looking for to help ambitious students like me. So before I could consider applying, I checked the requirements to know the most suitable one to apply for.

Eventually, I was able to get the most suitable one for myself. It happens to be an international brand hosted scholarship competition specifically for Nigerian students. I felt so fortunate to have been informed about this great opportunity in the first place because I regard it as a great blessing to my cause. So at this point, I knew the race to success has just begun, but two things kept hitting me up.

  1. How I am going to study very hard and apply accordingly, to win the scholarship.
  2. And how I am going to stand out among other applicants to increase my chance of winning.

Although, negative thought also came through during preparation. My mind would say to me that I should not bother myself, that it’s not going to work for me because getting a scholarship is hard and only a few people get it among thousands of applicants. I actually made sure that this thought doesn’t weigh me down, so I headed up aiming at my goal. It was a very hard situation for me to even think of losing because I knew my parent cannot afford to pay a huge amount for studying in Canada.

Very few days to the examination, I started studying for like 14-16 hours every day like exactly the way I want it hard. I am to participate in my favorite subject which is English language contest and General studies. I put so much in this including my uniqueness, to the extent that if anybody will have to win over me, it’s still going to be myself.

Finally came the day, I did the exam, and not quite long, the result came out and I performed excellently. At this very point, everything now seems to be very easy for me. I felt so overwhelmed with joy because I considered it as a lifetime achievement. So that was how I got my first full scholarship worth $20,000 to study in Canada.

Conclusively, It was a very hard task for me but I did it. You can too, even better.

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