How difficult or easy to apply for a scholarship.

There are different kinds of scholarships for all students in the world. It’s either you get those meant for university undergraduates and postgraduates or you get those that are specifically for some course of study. And also some are specific to students in countries like African students, Asian students, European students and so on. Every […]

The major Quality you have to possess while applying for a scholarship.

As it is obvious that scholarship is a competition that anyone can partake so far the eligibility criteria are met. Winning a scholarship is not really about being rich, being affluential or even being known as the most brilliant student in school or institution. It is simply about knowing how to apply in a very […]

Basic Knowledge About Scholarship.

What is a Scholarship? A scholarship is a grant-in-aid given to students. Scholarships are granted based on some qualities, which usually reflect the purposes of the founder of the award. Scholarship money can not be refunded. It can also be regarded as an award given base on academic merit. Scholar is really a wonderful weapon […]